Believe it or not, practically every kind of backup generator requires the same type of maintenance. In the event of an outage, a backup generator will kick on and take over running the electricity. Both residential and commercial generators run on fuel, such as gasoline or diesel. For each category of the generator, there are weekly, monthly, semi-annually, and annual steps to maintain a generator’s operational status. Here is Ace Power Products go-to checklist for maintaining generators. We offer services on all generator types and provide authorized combustion turbine services for your Woodward governor controller. With worldwide shipping and services provided to Texas, Louisiana, and Florida, Ace Power Products knows exactly what steps you’ll need to take when checking your generator’s functionality. 


Residential Generators

Your home’s generator requires less complicated routine maintenance and can be checked without help from a professional. On the other hand, if you ever suspect a malfunction, whether with your alternator or transfer switch, seeking our professional help is recommended. 



  • Check oil, coolant, or fuel levels
  • Inspect damage and debris if your generator is outside and exposed to weather
  • Isolate and run the generator externally check for malfunctions


  • See if the battery and charging ports are functioning 
  • Check to see if any wear or animals have inflicted damage on the rubber hoses and belts 
  • Clean out mud, dirt, and other debris

Every Six Months

  • Change or treat the fuel 
  • Inspect the ignition and plugs
  • Run generator for the entirety of your residence 


  • Relace the essential components such as fuel, oil, and air filters
  • Inspect or repair any electrical components
  • Run the generator for home and ensure the functionality


Commercial Generators 

The range in size, power level, and complex backup power systems make maintenance significantly more difficult. Large backup systems can service entire airports, hospitals, or business communication centers. For care, we recommend a professional technician to conduct a full-function check one to two times a year. On the upside, there are many components you and your staff will be able to inspect yourselves. 


  •  Check coolant and  heater levels
  • Inspect and document all fuel levels
  •  Check charge-air piping


  • Drain any water from the fuel tank and filter
  • Test air cleaner
  •  Service the battery charger


  • Review coolant concentration
  • Drain water-trap
  • Check drive belt for damage or tears 
  • Review starting batteries
  • Inspect startup and isolate generator by running without load


  • Clean the crankcase breather
  • Examine radiator hoses
  •  Start generator and run with load


  • Flush and clean cooling system
  • Change fuel, oil, and air filters

Have A Woodward Governor Controller?

At Ace Power Products, we offer a full line of Woodward fuel metering products for electrical power generation, gas compression, and mechanical drive system processes. Our team will provide fast and quality service when needed. Our team will service your Woodward governor controller, rendering its functionality to the same rate as the day you got it. 

Let Us Help With All Your Maintenance Needs

Ace Power Products recommends having a licensed technician evaluate your residential or commercial generator at least once a year. Luckily our Wellington-based team offers services throughout Florida, Texas, and Louisiana. Contact us today for all your power system needs.