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It Is Time For A Brushless Generator

Do you know the difference between a brushed or brushless generator? If you’re new to buying generators, you may not be familiar with the differences, but it’s an issue that affects virtually every electric motor you use in daily life, even your vehicle.


Did you know that as the engine burns fuel, it transfers the mechanical energy the burning fuel creates into the alternator? This is where it spins a rotor around a stator to create an electrical current. That current may be transferred in many alternators by what are called brushes, which are often made of materials like graphite. These brushes transfer the current as they spin with the rotor.


Brushless generators, however, actually have two sets of windings spinning together to generate and transfer the current. The advantage is in lower maintenance needs in the long run. With brushed generators, the brushes can accumulate dust and create issues inside the alternator with damage from friction.

Brushed generators are often smaller generators intended for a short term, intermittent use. Brushless generators, however, tend to be prime units intended for long term or constant use. Brushless units are generally more expensive because they use much more material, including copper in their double windings. In the long run, they will have lower maintenance costs, which is critical for prime units that may be operating as your main or sole power source for extended periods of time.


If you are concerned about maintaining your brushed generator, make sure that you familiarize yourself with the manufacturer’s manual. It will help guide you in the best ways to know when brushes may need replacement and the steps to care for your alternator to maximize the lifespan of your generator. 


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