Owning a boat takes a lot more work than one assumes. You need to make sure your boat includes everything from a boat safety kit, to a boat generator. The experts at Ace Power Products, LLC, are here to ensure that you have all the information when it comes to boat generators. We are proud to offer Kubota diesel generators for sale all across the USA.


Be Safe Out There

Marine generators are beasts of burden. They are able to toil tirelessly for years with little trouble. When using the right fluids and with proper maintenance, generators keep electricity flowing and allow boats to come to life with electronic gadgets, heaters, and sound systems when the main engines are shut down. However, this is only possible when those who own them make sure to keep all systems go with these generator tips.


It is easier to keep the generator in shape during your main boating season. Since it is likely is run every time you go out, provided you use the boat on a weekly basis or so, it will keep up. However, if you are a boat owner who may not run the vessel for weeks or months at a time, rest isn’t good for a generator. Exercise is crucial to keep the unit in shape and well lubricated for when you need it most. Ask us about our Kubota Diesel Generators for sale.


Our Tips for Boat Generators

  • Perform a daily check of oil and coolant levels, your alternator/water pump belt
  • and for leaks beneath the generator.
  • Be sure the AC load breaker or switch is turned OFF when starting the generator.
  • Turn OFF the shore power breaker at the dock before switching the generator on if you start at the dock.
  • Change the seawater pump annually before you start your cruising season.
  • If you don’t put a lot of hours on your generator, change the oil and filter twice a year (spring and fall).
  • Dirty exhaust can be prevented by maintaining 40–50% of the generator’s rated kW load or more at all times.
  • If your generator has zincs, inspect them every 90 days until you know how often they need to be changed.
  • Always carry spares for your generator.
  • Service the heat exchanger and replace coolant every two years.
  • Inspect the wet exhaust elbow visually once a year.


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