If we ask you the questions, “what do you look for in a boat generator?”, would you be able to answer confidently? This is very important information to know, especially if you are a boat owner. At Ace Power Products, LLC, we are experts who are here to make sure you know everything you need to regarding marine generators. We also specialize in phaser marine generator parts. No matter where you are in the USA, we are here for you!


What Type of Generator Do You Have?

Is it a gas or diesel generator? This is probably the most important aspect to know when it comes to your generator. This information makes a difference in maintenance and care. Match the generator’s fuel needs with those of your main engines so you won’t need a separate tank, necessitating extra trips to the fuel dock. Diesel is more expensive than gas but also more efficient. If you are buying a gas generator, it must be spark-free to avoid explosions. Also, you will need to install extra cabin CO alarms.


Next, it is important to know the engine type. How big is it? Two-cylinder boat engines tend to vibrate. Four-cylinder engines need to be counter-balanced to reduce vibrations. Three- and six-cylinder engines are naturally balanced and run smoothest. Be sure to ask us about our phaser marine generator parts.


Other Aspects of a Boat Generator To Know

  • Engine or hydraulic drive
    • Hydraulic-drive boat generators are powered by a hydraulic pump on the main engine. The engine must be running to produce electricity. They’re less expensive than self-powered models but are only suited to boats with intermittent power requirements or long-range cruisers that are under power most of the time.


  • Output
    • A generator that is too small will consistently trip breakers, wear out quicker, and possibly damage your electrical equipment. Too large a generator can also operate inefficiently, resulting in carbon buildup on the cylinder heads, and leaving unburned fuel in the exhaust. Never run with a load of 25 percent or less of the boat generator’s output. From 40 to 75 percent is ideal.


  • Estimating load
    • List all the wattage requirements of the appliances on your boat. Figure you need the maximum possible load to run appliances and lights. Remember, the wattage required to start a motor can be many times the normal running wattage. Starting wattage will be noted on the label with running wattage. Factor in this extra load.


  • Easy access points
    • Look for all common maintenance points, such as the dipstick, filters, and both oil and water fills, to be on one side of the generator body so they’ll be close at hand.


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