Cummins is an international company that leads in the designing and manufacture of Cummins generators. A Cummins generator is a prime powered and standby system that is used in a variety of areas.

It uses diesel engines to run, but some fuels are better, as they give it a greater performance, improved reliability, and higher efficiency while lowering the maintenance costs.

For a Cummins diesel generator to work, it requires a clean supply of fuel that must be provided for optimal performance whenever it’s in use.



Biodiesel is environmentally beneficial as an alternative fuel, and most of their generators are compatible with the B5 biodiesel, which encourages renewable fuel that’s domestically grown.

Here are a few other reasons to use biodiesel:

  • It is reliable
  • It is more affordable compared to other fuel sources
  • It is available commercially
  • It is easy to store on-site
  • It allows for an easy and fast start that’s especially necessary when using backup generators

You can also use different grades of biodiesel with the Cummins power generation, which means that you can use them in winter or summer without any issues.

This blend and switch fuel is a great benefit as the blended version offers different advantages for the Cummins generator.

Biodiesel fuels are known as FAME – Fatty Acid Methyl Esters. You can also call them FAEE, which stands for Fatty Acid Ethyl Esters, and they have properties that are more similar to diesel fuel than gasoline. These can easily be used in compression ignition engines.

However, for any engine to function well over time when using biodiesel, it must be maintained well, and Cummins generators ensure this.

You will need to provide high-quality and clean fuel at all times. Cleanliness is an essential part of the whole maintenance process, and it ensures that the Cummins generators are performing reliably.

If your generator is incredibly high-pressure, the rail fuel system will require an even higher level of cleanliness.

Cummins, however, remains at the forefront of producing Cummins diesel generator and Cummins portable generator that are low-emission machines with a high performance.

Cummins power generation delivers products that are advanced significantly in fuel technology. These are new in the market, and the system ensures cleanliness through the use of biodiesel.