Using a small sailboat can make you eager to find out the best marine generators for sailboats. No AC, coffee maker, or a way to power batteries while in water can be frustrating!

Having a sailboat generator can make all this possible for you! You can go out into the waters without being afraid and knowing that you can still have your simple pleasures while at sea.

While portability is key, you also want to consider the size, power, sound, and practicality when choosing a generator. Here is a list to help you choose the best sailboat generator:


The Best Marine Generators For Sailboats

1. Westinghouse iGen2200

The Westinghouse iGen2200 is one of the best marine generators for sailboats because it is easy to carry around. It is not only light in weight but also compact and relatively small. It is easy to carry it on and off the boat.

It works on a 79cc Westinghouse OHV 4-stroke engine that runs quietly, making it easy to talk with people on your boat and sleep peacefully without the loud roaring engine noise.

On a full tank of fuel of about 1.2 gallons, you can have it on for up to 12 hours! With such running time, you can do anything without worrying about when the power will be out. Your phone stays charged, and you can make calls in an emergency.


  • Long-running time
  • It is quiet
  • Easily portable


  • Hard to operate



The KOHLER 5 EKD is a gas-powered hydro generator for a sailboat, which is compact and easy to place in position. It has a sound shield, making it super convenient since it does not produce a loud noise.

It is environmentally safe since it has minimal emissions. With such a workhorse, you can be sure that you are using a sailboat generator that will not affect the environment or your health.


  • Easy portability
  • Environment friendly


  • High fuel consumption


3. Honda EU2200i

The Honda EU2200i is an inverter sailboat diesel generator that will give you such an easy time at sea. It has the 121cc Honda GXR120 that is very powerful and can take you up to 8 hours at sea.

You don’t have to worry about operating this generator since it comes with one controlling knob that makes it easy for you to remember what to use it for.

Its engine is not violent and loud; rather, it is quiet and helps you have a good time at sea without the loud sailboat generator engine noises.


  • Easy to use
  • It is compact
  • It is relatively quiet
  • Can operate for long hours


  • High fuel consumption


4. WEN 56200i

If you are looking for a pocket-friendly, the best hydro generator for a sailboat is the WEN 56200i. It is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry onto the boat when using it and off the boat when not in use.

It will give you 6 hours with only one gallon of fuel. It gives you options to use it on eco-mode to give you more time on the fuel.



  • Easy to use
  • Has Eco-mode option
  • Budget-friendly



  • Hard to store due to its high height


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