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When You Should Invite Professionals For Your Backup Power System

Whether you need a backup power system for sale or a professional to check your generator, you should understand when your engine is due for a professional check or replacement. That is the first step to take if you want to extend the life of your unit. For example, if your system fails its regular checks and tests, it might be a sign that you need to have a professional replace it. At this stage, it calls for wisdom! When you hire a company with decades of experience, you can be sure of quality services. Their rich industry knowledge helps them understand the most reliable brand to purchase for a replacement. Every brand they feature holds a reputation for quality, efficiency, and value! That’s our trait too. We feature only high-quality brands. And we will ship it to you wherever you reside.

Maintaining The Life Of Your Generator

Your generator will only work well when it is regularly maintained. If you use your generator often, you will be required to service it often. When you use it rarely, it will still demand some regular maintenance. The following are some of the requirements for maintenance:

  • Cleaning- This has to be done annually. It includes checking for leaks.
  • Oil Filter- Each time you change the oil, you should change the filter too.
  • Oil Change- You should change the oil when you use your engine for fifty to sixty hours.
  • Air Filter- This should be changed annually.
  • Check Battery- Always inspect power status for any glaring signs of damage on the battery.  

Different Types Of Regular Testing And Their Role

Here are a few tests that will keep your generator in the best working conditions:

  • Load Bank Test- It is a test that reveals issues and flaws that might hinder the generator from working well.
  • Automatic Transfer Switch Test- If the ATS fails to work efficiently, your system will not work. Thus this test is required.
  • Coolant Heater- You must regularly inspect your heater. Also, you must drain, clean, and flush every two years. If it works well, it limits the engine wear, stress on other engines, and emission.

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