Is your backup power system ready for the next emergency?  


At Ace Power Products, LLC, we believe that owning a generator is the best thing you can do to assure safety, efficiency, and reliability. Specializing in power generation and replacement parts, we distribute diesel generators, alternator parts, and top-of-the-line Woodward actuators throughout the United States. 


But owning a generator won’t protect if it doesn’t work properly. Keeping things running smoothly requires a little forethought and some regular maintenance. So here are a few easy tips designed to keep your generator working properly. 


Regular Maintenance For Backup Power Systems

Generators perform best when they’re regularly maintained. How often a generator needs to be serviced depends on the frequency of use. The more you use your generator, the more service it will require. 


Even a rarely used generator will require some regular maintenance. Below is an example of the basic maintenance requirements. 


  • Cleaning – Annually clean generator and check for leaks
  • Oil Change – Change every 50-60 hours for of use improved reliability  
  • Oil Filter – With every oil change, change the oil filter
  • Air Filter – Change annually 
  • Spark Plugs – Change every 100 hours of use, and check for cracks and signs of wear during regular servicing 
  • Check Battery – Check power status and for physical signs of damage on battery and its connections 


Performing these tasks regularly can keep your generator in good working order and keep it working better for longer. Different models may require variation to the service schedule included here. Heavy use can also affect the schedule of service needed. Contact your Ace Power Products, LLC generation specialist if you have questions about the service level that is right for you. 


Regular Testing Requirements 

In addition to annual maintenance, there are a few other recommended tests and checks that will keep your generator in good working order. These include: 


  • Load Bank Test: A Load Bank is a specialized piece of equipment designed to produce loads. The load bank ramps the engine to operating pressure and temperature to simulate real-world conditions. A load bank test is a dry run that exposes flaws or issues that could prevent your generator from working as expected. 


  • Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) – The ATS transfers the load connections between sources of power. If the ATS isn’t working properly, the generation won’t work. 


  • Coolant Heater – A block heater reduces engine wear, emissions, and stress on other systems. Check your heater regularly, draining, cleaning, and flushing every two years. 


Knowing When To Replace Parts 

If your generator fails its regular tests and checks, it may be time to call in the professionals. When that happens, turn to a company with decades of experience. Our hard-earned industry knowledge tells us what brands are most reliable, and every brand we carry has a reputation for efficacy, value, and quality. 


We feature high-quality brands, like Woodward Governor Parts. So if you’re looking for Woodward actuators, governor controllers, or valves, we’ve got it available to ship worldwide!  


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