Phasor Marine Generator Parts

Are you looking for marine diesel engines for sale that are worth the price? If so, Ace Power Products, LLC has exactly what you need. Introducing Phasor Marine Generator Parts. The best thing about these parts and generators is that they all feature Kubota diesel engines with a single bearing direct couple generator. We are located in Florida, but will ship anywhere in the USA.

Who is Phasor Marine?

Diesel Services of America is a full service and sales center for the Phasor Marine Generator Series. We are one of the oldest marine diesel engine and generator companies in all of South Florida. Diesel Services of America is a Phasor Marine Generator Repair facility and Phasor Marine Generator parts supplier. No matter what you need for your Phasor Marine Generator we are here to help you get your boat operating at its peak performance.

The Phasor Marine Generator Series has many choices depending on your power needs and mounting area. The three main flavors are Ignition Protection Marine Generators, Compact Series Marine Generators, and Standard Series Marine Generators. All Phasor Marine Generators power plants derive their well-known reliability from Kubota engines. Phasor Marine Diesel Generators are designed to withstand the rigors of the unforgiving marine environment. AwlCraft 2000 Urethane White is the finishing touch on these robust marine diesel generators. A five-year Limited Warranty gives you a piece of mind knowing you won’t have to worry about your Phasor Marine Generator.

Check Out These Marine Diesel Engines For Sale

  • Ignition Protection Marine Generators
    • K2-4.5pmg Marine Generator
    • K3-7.0pmg Marine Generator
  • Compact Series Marine Generators
    • K3-6.5KW Marine Generator
    • K3-8.0KW Marine Generator
    • K3-10.0KW Marine Generator
    • K4-12.0KW Marine Generator
    • K3-15.0KW Marine Generator
  • Standard Series Marine Generators
    • LP1-3.5KW Marine Generator
    • K3-7.0KW Marine Generator
    • K3-8.5KW Marine Generator
    • K3-9.5KW Marine Generator
    • K4-12.5KW Marine Generator
    • K4-15.0KW Marine Generator
    • K4-17.5KW Marine Generator
    • K4-21.0KW Marine Generator
    • K4-30.0KW Marine Generator
    • K4-34.0KW Marine Generator
    • J4-65.0KW Marine Generator
    • J4-80.0KW Marine Generator
    • J4-99.0KW Marine Generator

All Phasor Marine Generators have a Kubota Diesel Engine with a Single Bearing Direct Coupled Generator. ± 1% Solid-State Voltage Regulation with low RPM (revolutions per minute) 1800 at operating speed. Built-in Safety Shutdown Systems for multiple catastrophic events like High Coolant Temperature or Low Lube Oil Pressure. The Phasor Marine Generator incorporates a Single Series Circuit Control System with No PCB (Printed Circuit Board) technology using only Tinned Wiring.

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When it comes to quality marine diesel engines for sale, marine parts, and a boat generator, we are the best choice. We also have all the information you need. Ace Power Product, LLC, has the perfect Kubota Diesel Generators and Kubota industrial engine parts for sale. Located everywhere in the USA, we are here for you. Call us today for more information. You will not be disappointed. We also specialize in phaser marine generator parts. Our company specializes in distribution of Diesel Generators and spare parts. AC Alternators, Alternator Parts, Automatic voltage regulators, Transfer switches, Diesel engine parts, Alternator parts and Woodward Products.